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  • REDCOM Interoperable Telecom Solutions.
    Date: September 09 2009
  • The convergence of TDM, radio and IP communications is fundamentally changing the telecommunications industry. There are a wide variety of applications demanding reliable interoperability. The REDCOM systems are designed to interconnect with analog lines, VoIP, satellite, microwave, and E1. REDCOM’s HDX (implemented by PLC de Venezuela S.A) switching system with TRANSip addresses ission-critical needs with an integrated, drop-in Voice over IpP (VoIP) communications solution. These next-generation solutions, based on the industry-standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), fully integrate VoIP and TDM in a single Next Generation Network platform. REDCOM’s Radio Interface allows any phone in the REDCOM system to dial out to a remote radio, or allows a radio to dial directly into the system and ring a phone, make an outside call, or call another remote radio system.

    REDCOM’s HDX System

    REDCOM’s TRANSip technology suite allows IP and TDM networks to interoperate, as well radios and wireless communications, enabling a seamless, incremental transition to VoIP networks. Designed for the industry-standard IMS architecture, REDCOM’s HDX softswitch allows users to future proof their networks to interoperate today and tomorrow with a wide range of protocols and interfaces, positioning them for long-term evolution.

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  • PLC de Venezuela trains CORPOELEC staff in PABX applications.
    Date: July 10 2009
  • From July 7th to 9th, 2009, PLC de Venezuela trained CORPOELEC’s staff on PABX applications in correspondence to a nationwide Power Line carrier contract that is currently in its final phase of execution.
    Personnel representing CORPOELEC’s Western, Central, and Eastern units received theoretical and practical instruction from PLC de Venezuela on the operation and maintenance of the PABXs corresponding to the previously mentioned contract.

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    Date: June 11 2009
  • From June 8-10, 2009, PLC de Venezuela, represented by Sales Manager Joz Ramirez, participated as a guest panelist at an annual technical conference held by General Electric. This conference brought together over 50 companies around the globe that utilize GE platform multiplexers for electrical substations.
    While at this conference, held in Huntington Beach, California, Joz presented an operational demo outlining the latest technological advancements available for the JMUX platform. In addition, Joz announced that General Electric is currently capable of manufacturing components such as the OC_48 Optical Module and GigaEthernet immediately upon request. Such components have placed the JMUX platform at the pinnacle of cutting edge, next-generation solutions that serve the exclusive and demanding electrical companies’ market.
    The conference was a great opportunity to demonstrate both the interface between JMUX and GE MDS modern radio systems and the full integration and functionality between the two platforms. In addition, the presentation of the new generation of UR relays’ I/O modules for GE's Brick system impressed the audience due to the simplicity and modernity that the Brick will bring to new or existing electrical power installations.
    PLC de Venezuela also exposed its line of products and services and discussed the projects related to the JMUX family that it is currently running. PLC de Venezuela continues at the forefront of technological advancements with its leading Power Line Carrier products and with the integration of the most modern systems available from GE.

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  • PLC de Venezuela Selects REDCOM SLICE 2100 Softswitch for Power Line Carrier Network.
    Date: June 04 2009
  • SLICE 2100 Provides CADAFE with Cost-Effective, Single-Unit Migration to IP

    Victor, New York (June 2, 2009) – REDCOM Laboratories Inc., a company that designs and manufactures the world’s most reliable digital and IP-based telecommunications systems, announced today that PLC de Venezuela has selected REDCOM’s SLICE® 2100™ softswitch to provide Next Generation Network services for electric substations managed by the Compania Anonima de Administration y Fomento Electrico (CADAFE), Venezuela’s power line carrier. PLC de Venezuela is the integrator for project CIGMA which is designed to provide the latest Next Generation Networks services to CADAFE, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Powered by REDCOM’s breakthrough TRANSip® technology, the SLICE 2100 softswitch delivers up to 1,000 IP subscribers plus full TDM capabilities so that the Venezuelan utility can leverage its existing network infrastructure, while taking advantage of all the benefits of VoIP.
    "We selected the SLICE 2100 switching system for the CIGMA project because it is a complete Next Generation telecom solution in a single platform that offers both a cost-effective transition to VoIP while also allowing CADAFE to connect seamlessly with its legacy networks,” said Leonardo Rivas, General Manager, PLC de Venezuela. “REDCOM has a long history of serving the power line carrier market and the SLICE 2100 is designed to serve the unique communications needs of the utility industry as it moves from circuit-switched to packetswitched networks.”

  • Enabled download center.
    Date: May 4 2009
  • PLC Venezuela downloads Enables a module to which users who register can access equipment manuals, software programming and other technical information related to our products, we can create greater between our company and our customers .
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    Date: April 24 2009
  • El 6 de Febrero del 2009, la empresa PLC de Venezuela S.A. se satisface en anunciar que cumplió 25 años de servicios, siendo la Empresa líder en soluciones integrales de alta tecnología e innovación en ingenieria, comunicaciones, protecciones y automatización para el sector eléctrico industrial.

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